ICBC Claims

If you have suffered an injury due to the neglect or carelessness of another party, you may be eligible for compensation from ICBC.

Consider submitting a claim if you have experienced any of the following and were injured as a result.

A Bicycle Accident Involving an Automobile

A Motorcycle Accident Involving an Automobile

The Wrongful Death of A Loved One Due to an Automobile Accident

A Motor Vehicle Accident

After being in an accident, you need to contact ICBC if you want to make a claim. This can be a difficult process if you don’t know the intricate legalities around the situation. Hiring proper legal counsel will help prevent you from being taken advantage of in any way.

ICBC Lawyer Fees


                                         You don’t pay us anything unless you win a settlement.

 We work on a contingency fee basis. If we obtain an ICBC settlement for you, you will pay us a percentage of that settlement. If you don’t get any compensation from ICBC, you will not be charged any legal fees.


Speak With a Lawyer Today

How Will a Lawyer Help?

It is essential to consult with a lawyer before communicating with an ICBC adjuster. You cannot be punished in any way for hiring a lawyer to assist you with your claim and it can only help your case. Hiring a lawyer early on in the process helps make the initial reporting easy and ensures proper control over what information is given to the claim adjuster.

Talk to a Lawyer Now!

After an initial phone consultation, we will arrange to meet in person at our office. If you are unable to come into our office due to your injuries, we will come to you and go over your case. You may be entitled to compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any lost wages or loss of future earning capability. We will be able to help you determine how much you are owed.

Why Hoogbruin and Company?

Hoogbruin and Company is the ICBC lawyer Vancouver knows and trusts. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of ICBC. In fact, Michael H oogbruin spent several years working for ICBC, so the experience he gained there serves him well in knowing how best to support our clients and ensure they get the best possible result from their ICBC claim.

At Hoogbruin and Company, you are our main priority and we have the knowledge to get you the settlement you are entitled to.